Super Lab what we do

We are a company specialized in the production of textile merchandising and promotional items. Our operating offices are located in Monza and Turkey in the city of Antalya. We produce technical sportswear, workwear, promotional items and innovative give-away items. In our new Packaging division we produce 100% recyclable and sustainable products.


Super Lab is based near Milan , in the city of Monza and in Turkey near the city of Antalya. With a long experience Super Lab start form CAD CAM and different lines with over 300 professional sewing machines , digital print plotter , embroidery machine 15 col , and serigraph machine up to 6 colors
control quality and wharehouse

Garments Production

From CAD CAM to sewing and embroidery or print, Super Lab realize merchandising , promotional or workwear productions.

Real Time Division

Great Experience in digital print large format bring Super Lab to developpe a professional system to print a large choice of articles in few seconds , on site( fair or tour event ) or in batch.

Packaging Division

Brand new division specialized in print aluminium , tinplate and sport bottle , full digital 100% sustainable process.

Super Lab convenient , fast , innovative , sustainable

a quick brief and we prepare for you a sample or a rendering
first quality production with a 100% of sustainability


An experience of over 30 years
in production: print , emboidery items for merchandising and promotional


Best machine for Embroidery , we use Tajima from 1 head for sampling to 12 heads

Seri Print

From basic t-shirt promotional print to complicate work

Direct UV Print

Direct printing machine for perfect results on coloured material

Sublimatic Print

Sublimation technology for sport and promotional item , perfect result with unlimited colour

Large format eco print

Print in wide format vinyl , adhesive to canvas

1 by 1

Super Lab in each technics have developped the skills to realize small or big production up to 1 by 1

Products Gallery

Super Lab produce garmets for merchandising , events and realize material in real time personalization as in Gardaland Park or Fastweb tour "qui si vola"

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Packaging Division

Limited Edition , Events, customization up to one by one , 100% re-cycle products

Sample Gallery

How we work

Our brand new division is recently lined up , with a 40.000 pcs/day , we work in full digital and use edible ink , so our products is 100% sustainable, unlimited colors and we could produce up to 1 by 1 with a total customization and possibily to postalize direct to consumers

So we work from tinplate to premium aluminium packaging , small q.ty for : companies' employees , sport team, school, special event , or great production with thousands pcs.

  • 40.000 pcs/day
  • No Minimun order
  • Customized 1 by 1
  • Tinplate solutions

more than 30 years of experience

experience to understand your brief
realize the best articles
quality and attention for a sustainable products













Packaging Products

from tinplate to premium aluminium packaging
with unlimited numbers of colors we work on small q.ty to big productions with thousands of pcs., print in full digital production line.

Alluminium Bottles

Soft Drink. Water , Beer

360° full print

unlimited colors , 1 by 1 , different cup and thickness

Sport Bottle

400 ml - 600 ml - 750 ml

different type of cup , logo and name.surname , full printed unlimited colors

Coffe Packaging

classic and innovative

each tinplate different , no minimum order , also with the logo of each bar .

Cans and Metal Boxes

classic , slim , and any kinds

Full digital print , events , special event, also 1 by 1

Technical Step

A Great experience of over 30 years in merchandisig , promotional items

New digital large format printer for sport and technical garments

New embroidery full digital machine up to 12 col. for a perfect results

NEW PACKAGING DIVISION with a full digital patened system , capacity 40.000 pcs/day


Made in Italy
Sustainable Products
New Packaging Div


different cities ,with a"flight experience in which Super Lab take a real time image and in 30sec. print it on a promotional t shirt for potential customer.
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for Us you are Important

We take care of your order
Super Lab crew every day , try to do the best

Your ranking
Our commitment
Our quality
your satisfaction

Packaging Summary

Our brand new Packaging division , recently lined up , with an incredible quality and 100% sustainable .

  • 1 by 1 personalize
  • full digital
  • LOGO &
  • Name Surname
  • Limited Edition
  • NO minimum order
  • we can
  • follow you
  • in your growth
  • 100% re-cyclable
  • Chill Faster
  • Cold Longer
  • 100% UV protected
  • Light 15 x glass
  • 15 Shatterproof
  • 100% recyclable


Super Lab is based near Milan , in the city of Monza
for any questions send us an email ,thank you .

Contact Info

SuperLab srl
via G. Giulini 5
Monza, MB Italy, CAP 20900